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Bring new life to tired furniture and make significant savings

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As furniture ages and wear and tear leaves your fabrics damaged, you may be thinking of discarding your old furniture and replacing it. Rather than paying substantially more for new furniture, give your existing furniture a new look with Westcote Design's up-holstery servize, without breaking your bank balance.

Westcote Design can strip your furniture back and repair all the internal workings if necessary including replacing cushions and springs or if you are just looking to rejuvenate the fabric we can simply replace your outer cover either as a fixed or a loose cover option.

Once you’ve bought furniture that complements your décor and fits the room it’s in, it can be difficult to find a piece of a similar quality that both fits in the space and remains affordable. Re-upholstery solves these problems and gives your furniture a new lease of life.

We serve, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and the entire UK.

Examples of re-upholstered furniture

2014-11-27 22:41:17

Rabbit chair

2014-11-27 22:41:18


Reupholstered chair in brown leather.

Buttoned chairs

 Buttoned Chairs 

Reupholstered back chair, ottoman and wing chair.

Shaped settle

2014-11-27 22:41:26

 Shaped Settle 

Recovered settle chair sitting on original Queen Anne style legs.

Silver sofa

 Silver Sofa 

Reupholstered silver leaf patterned sofa.